The Sixth Annual Conference on the Present and the Future of Battery and Hydrogen Electromobility

October 11 - 12 2023
Forum Karlín


 Electromobility Forum is here

The market may grow faster than previously predicted. Electromobility has increasing political and public support. In many cases, electric cars pay off without subsidies today.

The Electromobility Forum brings you a range of lectures and discussions focusing on already "mainstream topics" such as fleet electrification and the development of charging infrastructure, but also on the new, but rapidly growing, agendas of electrification of heavy vehicles and hydrogen use.

During the conference, there will be presentations of vehicles from major automotive companies and other electromobility products and service providers, as well as the opportunity for test drives. 

The Electromobility Forum 2023 will take place on: 


October 11, Forum Karlin

Focused on the key electromobility agenda, the second day of the conference will focus mainly on heavy vehicles and hydrogen. 

A networking cocktail will take place at the end of the day.


October 12, Forum Karlin

Focused on the key electromobility agenda, the second day of the conference will focus mainly on heavy vehicles and hydrogen. 


We will focus on the following main topics

Electromobility Conference:

  • Market perspective globally, in the EU, in the Czech Republic
  • Electrification of fleets
  • Developing charging infrastructure
  • Electromobility and ESG
  • Development of heavy electromobility
  • Hydrogen electromobility
  • Legislation and subsidies
  • Technological trends and innovations

Who is the forum for?

For all those interested in the boom of electromobility

Companies with small and large fleets of cars, trucks and buses

State and public authorities 


Suppliers of electromobility and hydrogen mobility products and services 

Leasing companies and banks


The Electromobility Forum is organized by Hospodarske noviny in cooperation with LEEF Technologies 

Hospodařské noviny - printed and online The website domain offers readers, in addition to current news, the complete content of the printed edition of the daily, including all its magazines, special supplements, podcasts and newsletters. Of all Czech daily newspapers, it gives the most space to economic and business information, financial markets and services for entrepreneurs. The publisher is the Economia media house.

LEEF Technologies is an advisor and investor in projects that employ innovative business models and technologies in the clean energy and transport sectors. It also deals with market analysis, development concepts and new technology deployment strategies. Recently, LEEF has also been involved in green hydrogen projects. Within the Electromobility Forum, mainly prepares content and ensures professional quality.



The program is gradually updated

Conference Forum Electromobility 2023
11.- 12. October, Forum Karlin

The conference program is structured in blocks, in which lectures and panel discussions will alternate. As in previous editions, managers and experts involved in the development of battery and hydrogen electromobility, whether in technology development, business, infrastructure development or legislation, are invited as speakers.

The content of the sessions is designed to provide the audience with a comprehensive picture of the subject. A moderated discussion will provide ample time to answer questions from the audience.

The first day of the conference will focus on passenger cars and light commercial vehicles and electromobility in general. The second day will be mostly (but not only) about electrification of heavy vehicles and also about hydrogen transport.

There may be some substitution between the first and second day. Speakers who will be contacted or are awaiting confirmation are marked with an asterisk.

The conference will also include presentations of vehicles from major automotive companies and other products and services for electromobility and test drives with electric vehicles.

The conference will be simultaneously interpreted into Czech/English.

Day 1 of the Conference Forum Electromobility 2023
October 11, Forum Karlin


KEY NOTE SECTION: current status, plans, vision
- The state of electromobility development in the Czech Republic: what is going well, what needs to be improved
Electromobility and competitiveness of the Czech Republic
Context for the development of emission-free energy
        - Main trends in the development of electromobility services
Martin Kupka* (Minister for Transport)
Pavel Cyrani* (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, Director of Sales and Strategy, ČEZ)
Jiří Maláček (Head of Sales and Marketing, ŠKODA AUTO) 

State of the electromobility market in the Czech Republic

Panel discussion
        - Market situation
New technologies, products and trends
Regulatory agenda, opportunities for improvement

Vratislav Strašil (Managing Director, Volkswagen Financial Services CZ)
Martin Saitz (CEO, Hyundai Motor Czech)
Arnošt Barna* (Managing Director, Kia Czech)
Miroslav Holan (Head of Business Network Development Czech Republic, ŠKODA AUTO)
Zdeněk Petzl* (Executive Director, Automotive Industry Association)
Development of urban electromobility
Lecture and panel discussion
        - An example from a foreign city with advanced infrastructure
 Current status and development plans in Prague
Residential charging infrastructure in Brno

Representative of the Department of Transport, Amsterdam*
Pavel Elis (Managing Director, Pražská energetika)
Zdeněk Hřib* (First Deputy Mayor of Prague for Transport)
Representative of Teplárny Brno*

Electromobility globally
China, USA, Europe
        - Trends in battery development
        - Raw materials and supply chains

Fleet electrification - case studies
Lecture and panel discussion
  - Vehicle selection process and charging solution
        - Funding
        - Implementation
        - Experience to date and lessons for the future
Jan Hurt* (CEO, Porsche Česká republika) 
Jana Faltová* (Business Performance Manager, LeasePlan) 
Representative of Arval

Development of the secondary market for electric vehicles
        - What is the current state of the market and what to expect in the near future
        - What does the buyout/sale process look like
        - Verification of battery state of health, guarantee and financing
Speaker to be announced*

All about recharging
Large block of lectures and panel discussions
What is the current state of the market and what to expect in the near future
        - Public charging: what's new in technology and services, roaming
        - Technology for home charging and integration into smart homes
        - Heavy vehicle charging: public vs. depot, technology, projections
        - Products for fleet and public charging
        - Smart Charging
Representative of E.ON*, representative of ABB*, representative of PRE*, representative of ČEZ*, representative of ElaadNL*




Day 2 of the Conference Forum Electromobility 2023
October 12, Forum Karlin


Electromobility as part of carbon neutrality measures
Petr Hladík* (Minister for the Environment)

Social acceptance of electromobility
How different groups of society perceive electromobility
         - Why a large part of (Czech) society is sceptical about electromobility
         - Analogous situations in history
         - Strategies for overcoming scepticism
Speaker to be announced*

Electromobility and ESG
Lecture and/or panel discussion
Basic definitions and concepts of how electromobility is linked to ESG
         - How electromobility contributes to different aspects of ESG
         - Examples from practice
         - Challenges, obstacles and the future of electromobility in ESG
Speakers and/or panelists to be announced*

Legislation and subsidies for battery electromobility
Short lectures and large panel discussion
Existing and forthcoming legislation 
         - For different types of vehicles (passenger/heavy transport)
         - About the charging infrastructure
         - Systematic summary of subsidy titles
Representatives of the Ministries of Industry, Transport and Environment*, representatives of the e-mobility Platform, ČESMAD, the Association of Road Transport Operators and possibly other industry representatives

Developing electromobility at Amazon
Lecture, content to be specified
Representative of Amazon*

Projection of electrification of freight transport
How fast will the number of electric trucks increase
         - What kind of charging infrastructure will it need
         - What is happening in neighbouring countries
Filip Vančura (Project Manager, LEEF Technologies)

Electrification of freight transport - how to stay competitive
Panel discussion 
Current status and challenges
         - On the topics of government support and regulation
         - The role of the private sector - how they approach it, how they deal with it
         - Examples from abroad
Aleš Willert* (Vice-Chairman of the Board of Directors, CEO of the C.S.CARGO Group) 
Vojtěch Hromíř* (Secretary General, THE ASSOCIATION ČESMAD BOHEMIA) and other representatives

Electric trucks
Presentation and panel discussion
 Presentation of current technologies and products
         - Challenges and obstacles on the road to electrification
         - What the future will look like
Ondřej Mann (Business Line Sales Manager CZ, Iveco Group)
Representatives of Volvo Trucks

Representatives of Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Hydrogen in transport in the Czech Republic - introduction
What are the real prospects for hydrogen in transport in the near and distant future
         - What the legislation implies
         - What support tools are available
Speaker to be announced*

Renewable hydrogen production and distribution in the Czech Republic
Lectures and panel discussion
Where will renewable hydrogen come from in the Czech Republic
         - How much will it take and how much will it cost
         - Examples of projects under development
Representatives of Veolia, ORLEN Unipetrol and others*

Hydrogen powertrains and vehicles
Drive technology - current status and expected development
         - Heavy road vehicles
         - Trains
Representatives of Hyundai, Bosch, Alstom*








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